Nights never end

Mindsets define the length of the night I live. It is too short, when I want to relax. It is too long if I cannot sleep.

The Sun moves away to light up another part of the world, but I’m unable to switch off the several artificial suns (sources of light) that we have created outside us. They are just outside my window in the street lamps, in the neon screen casting its reflection on my bed and in the blinking of my phone.

I want to recreate dark comfort of the womb, but life does not let me do it. It limits sleeping hours, cajoles me into waking up to take up a fresh challenge and ejects me right into the battlefield.

I will find that dark comfort again – at the end of life, in the arms of death.

nights never end

just go into hiding

to emerge again



Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille

10 thoughts on “Nights never end

  1. Nicely penned Reena…I especially like “nights never end/just go into hiding”. On a more literal note, I use a sleep mask sometimes when I need to block out light. I sleep best in complete darkness.

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    1. Thanks for the honor, Sadje, but I prefer to keep my blog award-free. Nomination 11 other bloggers is difficult for me, because I feel that nominations and contests draw a dividing line. I would like to enjoy whatever comes my way, and meets my mood at the moment.

      I hope you understand. Thanks again!

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