Frozen thoughts

“I have a frozen bum,”   Little Tim’s expression appeared frozen too.

But we couldn’t stop smiling. We had just moved in here from tropical climes.

“What made you sit on that?”

“I thought it is soft, fluffy cotton. I needed it to decorate the Christmas tree.”

“Aren’t you excited we have a real Christmas tree, with real snow?”

“Only if I can get up from here …”

I lifted him in my arms, and took him inside close to the fireplace.

“Well, I have another idea …”

“Now what?”

“We’ll have an ice cream party in the open. Let the guests bring their own flavors.  Barbeques are so old world.”

No temperature in the world is low enough to freeze a child’s imagination.

(123 words)


FFFAW Challenge #129

16 thoughts on “Frozen thoughts

  1. Parents need to allow children to live beyond the rules of the world, to be excited with them on wherever their imagination takes them. Within reason, of course but just let kids be! I fear we’ve forgotten how to enjoy life so we parent that way too. Good one, Reena, to remind us of that! 🙂


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