I wake up early, leave the family sleeping and walk alone for miles on that beach. The morning is beautiful, but the  beach is not. Low tides have left behind remnants of the visiting waves. I see jellyfish struggling for life, and decide to throw back a few in the water. The sight of a green water snake is revolting, and then I realize it is dead. It was not needed in the sea any more.

waves of fate

spare none, but life


Life changed for so many organisms during the night. The sunrise is beautiful, and the world will slowly emerge from  its cocoon to admire beauty. Nobody will look down, or stop to think what the night did to a few unfortunate beings. The fading moon winks, making me aware of its supreme power on the waves.

connect to nature

find a few cherished moments

in contemplation


Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille


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