Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 62 – The Moon Is dark…

An excellent piece of Orwellian fiction in a different context by Michael….



The moon is still dark which doesn’t surprise me, as it’s been this way for so long. I’m beginning to think I never saw it otherwise.

The atmosphere is so clouded with gasses nowadays it’s a wonder sunlight finds its way through.

We are forced to wear masks if we venture outdoors, the air being so toxic people have stopped wearing artificial cloth as the gasses burn holes in it or dissolve it totally which was an embarrassment many suffered in the early days.

The constant radio broadcasts promising a revolution since the darkness descended have stopped. The longer the rhetoric went on, the worse everything got. People now are tired, surviving as best they can.

Food is a problem, with reduced sunlight, growing crops even in greenhouses has become an issue, man-made sunlight isn’t the same and crop after crop has been produced which is stunted and poor in…

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