This is a difficult one for me, Michael, but I will give it a try.

My first thought was about all the challenges that made me stronger, the people who posed those challenges and disappeared from my life, and those who continue to pose those challenges. But that is not the spirit of your challenge.

If I think of the purest form of love or happiness, I go back to the time spent with my dog, Chappy. She taught me all about unconditional love … and forgiveness. There was a cruel neighbor who had locked Chappy up on a terrace. Hungry and thirsty after 18 hours, she jumped down and fractured her ribs. That was the stage, we brought her home and nursed her back to health. Later, I was surprised to see that she could remain nonchalant when that neighbor passed by. There was no sign of animosity, anger or revenge. I thought she felt secure with me besides her, but it was something more than that, and it was divine.

I am grateful to Chappy to show me a different level of existence. She was just above everything else. I experienced being a mother, and being a disciple.


Tale Weaver #196

5 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. We don’t deserve dogs. They are that good. They love you with all their heart, and the look in the eyes when they see you after a long while – well, that’s enough to make anyone’s day. There’s much to learn from them. The saddest part is that their lifespan is way too short. I just can’t understand people who hate dogs.

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  2. I do understand that about dogs, having cared for one for a year or so I did see the unconditional love they have, how protective and playful they can be, they do make you feel ok about yourself and the world. Thanks Reena for participating. I know I have set this task before, it’s a good one and I know from experience how challenging it can be. I once wrote letters of gratitude to people I knew and made myself read them to them. That was quite a challenge. Have a good day.

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