Standing Tall

“It takes a lifetime to become that Tower- burning to provide light to others, letting myriad currents pass through your body, watching the world and learning from it, standing tall despite pressures from the wind, clouds and pollution, being in a constant process of change….:

I think I have reached a certain level in storytelling, and am ready to inspire the world.

“Very noble! But so much for a mere picture postcard …. I just bought a box full of those.”

My younger brother cannot help being what he is – a lovable bas**** with a very practical approach to life.

(100 words)


100 Word Wednesday


5 thoughts on “Standing Tall

  1. I know what you mean — having your creativity and inner genius be stomped on by a realist….it can shatter your self-confidence and faith…though I’ve been known to be that realist as well, it’s sometimes nice to just enjoy the fruits of your labors and feed your inner creative artist!!

    I chose the image this week because we’re in the City of Lights! It’s our first trip here and we’re going to go up the Eiffel Tower today! I hadn’t had it on my list of ‘must do’ things, but I must admit, I’m glad we’re going now! I can’t wait to see the city laid down below us!!

    Thank you for joining us weekly — your stories are such a joy to read — even when they venture to the dark side 😉


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