“That is an impressive string of degrees. How many years have you spent at the univ?”

“Many. Learning fascinates me. If there is another life, I would like to be reborn here in the same campus.”

“Are you a professor here?”

“Not yet. I have to choose a line of specialization, that I would like to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Do you work somewhere else?”

“I haven’t found time yet.”

“I see now. It is the problem with many threads, but the inability to weave it into a fabric. May you be reborn in a real workplace!”

(100 words)


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

17 thoughts on “Paralysing

    1. I fully agree. The economic system should be able to offer jobs to build faith in the system. We have a Skill Development Ministry here in India sponsoring these programs, but employment generation does not match the need. I conduct Campus-to-Corporate programs based on soft skills, but colleges give it low priority and are focussed more on their examination systems.

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      1. Today I was discussing education with an old friend. He has completed three degree programs. Now in his late sixties he still enjoys the challenge of learning new skills, but these days he would desire to study practical based skills at university.

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