Eternal Source


In the immensity of consciousness, a light appears — a tiny point which moves rapidly and traces shapes, thoughts, and feelings, like a pen writing on paper. And the ink which leaves a trace is memory. You are that tiny point and by your movement the world is ever re-created.

 Sri Nisargadatta, I Am That


The light moves
like a flowing stream
changing direction
skipping obstacles,
or like an arrow
hitting the target
In nanoseconds.
Whatever that it meets en-route
surprises me
moving unabashedly
on uncharted paths.

I come back
breathe deeply
and find solace
In the eternality
of the source
to keep sending out
shafts of light
to collaborate
with Sun and Moon
nursing ambitions
to conquer the world.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 61


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