Dressing up was always a passion.

She won fancy dress competitions in school, and grew up to become a couturier.

Now this … her heart bled, but she knew there was no escape.

She was fully ensnared in the trap.

Tonight, she had to dress up the guy who would masquerade as President, and issue orders to press the nuclear button.


In other words, dress up at Patricia’s Place



7 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. I appreciate the humour Reena, perfect at this time. I also love how you place the prompt pictures just so right to have your own image appear in them.

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  2. I love any crack aimed at our president, cryptic or otherwise. Have you ever read Jennifer Crusie? She’s a funny novelist you might like. She pens about women with such humor, you’re really realize you like being one. Susannah, passionate Patrica follower…:)

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