It is a frightful time to be a man. I see my near and dear ones struggle to find their moorings in the changed scenario. They are good human beings. They have never done anything to hurt a woman. Yet, they feel inadequate to build an equation with the New Woman emerging.

Some of them seek solace in laying the blame on select personalities – “They are not goddesses either. Why did they not withdraw from the scene at the right time?” A few others seem to look askance at every gesture  – “Is it okay with you, or do you find it offensive? You never told us so.”

Despite being a fierce feminist, my heart goes out to these well –meaning guys. I want the #MeToo movement to continue till it changes gender equations. I am proud of living in transitional times, and will be happy to see a better world. I hope the good guys get comfortable with the emerging world order, and we become pillars of support to each other.

seasons come and go

but change – not always cyclic

certain things transform


Haibun Monday- Transitions


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28 thoughts on “Fright

  1. Good guys need not fear the he/she transition of the times, in my opinion, meeting women with respect and forming friendships untainted by innuendo and arrogance. The same approach applies to fellow citizens of diverse ethnicities.

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  2. You wrote my mind. I feel the same way. Let the innocent never have to bear the burden and be punished for what they are not and let the guilty be exposed and punished as they deserve. Feminism is about equality, equality of men, women, and everyone else not about one or the other being superior.

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  3. It’s a changing world for all of mankind. It’s how humans handle the change that matters. Change can separate the men from the boys, to coin a phrase, and not be gender specific. It’s difficult to change archaic mindsets but we must move forward with meaningful changes that benefit all.

    Excellent take on this week’s challenge, Reena.

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  4. You’ve addressed a controversial issue with thoughtfulness here. I am reminded every day by the presence of my husband, my gentle son who is now a father of three, my creative son-in-law … and many others. There is good in the world. There is gentleness in the world. There are men in the world who uphold the individual identities of their wives and daughters. This is what we must hang on to as we read of others exposed for their cruel natures.

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    1. You are right, Lillian! Defending the good, and opposing the bad in an unbiased manner is the need of the hour, but not easy. People tend to superimpose words on other concepts.


  5. Perhaps this is a transition period, and I hope good things come from it. The world needs good men (and good women). There are too many who still want to put down women (or minorities, or whatever group they do not belong to). A nice summary with your haiku that change comes in bits and pieces.

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