Making a death-bed of arrows for Pitamaha Bhishma was not easy. All excellence in archery becomes irrelevant, if one loves the person he is compelled to kill. But the war had to be won.

Bhishma was living out his curse. He pledged celibacy, but lived to see four generations after his father. Though he was blessed with “Ichha Mrityu” – Death by Wish, he had lived on to protect the kingdom of Hastinapura. In the process, he had earned more curses from the Sky and Earth. The Sky would not accept his body, as he had not done his duty to procreate. The Earth would not accept him, as he had lived for four generations, instead of two.

So, the death-bed built by his beloved Arjun was fated- designed to help him wither away in between.

(135 words)


Weekend Writing Prompt #78

Watch this video for the story.

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