Unspoken Words

Unspoken angst by Sanah….

A Pause for Nature

This post is in response to :

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 60

Anne sat down before her television set.

“The world is shaking everyone! Many women have begun shedding light on the past wrong deeds of many men who had silenced them for long.” cried a news reporter standing in front of a bustling crowd of angry women holding placards and shouting slogans.

“The #MeToo movement has taken by a storm. It is spreading like a wildfire engulfing all wrong doers in it’s flames.” the reporter carried on.

“All? Really?” Anne talked to herself.

“Many, maybe most but not all….” Anne continued talking to herself as she shed a tiny pearl of a tear down her cheek remembering how she too had suffered.

The time when the physician had groped her in the name of medical examination, the time when her older cousin had touched her inappropriately making her gut…

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