Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 60 – The Girl.

Michael’s take ….



The girl woke up to the terrible realization she was late.

Yes, she and her boyfriend had been busy, she’d in secret gone against all she was taught and now there looked like unforeseen consequences to be paid.

She lived in a small town where everyone’s business was everyone’s business, and soon word spread she had been seen at the hospital. There was no way to hide such a thing as a teenage pregnancy, and pretty soon she confessed to her parents who horrified their good name would be besmirched quickly took steps to remove the problem.

The girl was rushed to confession to purge her soul of the sin, and then arrangements were made for her to spend the time of her being with child in a place far from their home.

The girl was sent away, and for a time she was never spoken of. When the time…

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