Life goes on ….

The trees whisper, but nobody is able to decipher their language

He fights for our rights

He is no Luddite……

Business is up in arms against the man.

ask him his price

he should not rise

it will be to the detriment

of profit rules, sacrament

Politicians lambast him

He blocks progress of the nation

To everyone’s consternation

 The common people admire the dedication of the man, share social media posts about his courage and move on with their lives – using more plastic and creating waste.

the movement overestimates

its own power, and antics

Who has ever succeeded

against business and politics?

 Floods swamp unexpected places. Funds are released for disaster management. The ruling party wins plaudits, as they prepare for the next election.  A handful of people get rich overnight.

What if a few inconsequential lives are lost? Development of the country needs sacrifices from all. Their stories are soon forgotten. Life goes on …. the race towards prosperity and international awards for climate change continues.



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4 thoughts on “Life goes on ….

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  2. Wow! Well done, Reena! A reflective look at sometimes, hidden reality. Awareness is catching up with the greedy but I feel too little, too late. Florida is reeling due to the destruction of Hurricane Michael. Buildings wiped right off their foundations. Thank you for joining in.

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