After The Last Hug

Kia finds herself … in Sanah’s story

A Pause for Nature

This post is in response to :

Writing Every Week – # Week 2 presented by Kripi

Reena’s Exploration Challenge # Week 58 presented by Reena.

I thank them both for presenting us with this opportunity.

Find the prequel to this post in The Last Hug (click me).

Kia was a very lively, motivated and outgoing person. Yeah she “was” all of this but now she mostly kept herself to the four walls of her room.

Sitting on a chair in a corner she now thinks about her life and it’s sorrows.

She had become a real whiner.

Nowadays she found the salt not right, the day too sunny or windy, the cracks in the wall more prominent, the poster a little crooked and so on.

Even in the company of her good friends, loving family she wasn’t at peace. Her mind was constantly occupied by the thoughts…

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