For so long….

My stomach churns

a yucky feeling overtakes

as I watch people shrugging shoulders

in indifference,

making casual remarks

on #MeToo stories

“Where were they for so long?”


They won survival battles

developed courage

to turn the heat

where it rightfully belongs

after so long….


Quadrille #66

11 thoughts on “For so long….

    1. Thanks! I read an article yesterday which said ‘there has never been a better time to be a woman’. After so many humiliating exposures? And we dole out Durga and Kali stories in Navratri at the same time. It is more about the depravity of certain men than the vulnerability of women. It is also about power structures – only those who control careers and lives can do this.


    1. The fear of being blamed is a major cause of silence – more so in conservative cultures where a woman is shamed for being drunk or dressed in a particular manner or being in a late night party.


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