The story of Patience and Anger ….

the moon is rising...

Patience is a virtue

We go back to the 5th Century when Prudentius is composing his epic poem, Psychomachia, the Battle of Spirits. The adversary of Patience in his allegory is Anger. Anger is the aggressor, attacking the presumably passive Patience but to no avail. Patience resists and endures. Frustrated, Anger calls it a day, slopes away and takes his own life. It’s a tale to ponder if ever you’re stuck in traffic or find yourself behind a nuisance ditherer.

Patience is of interest to the hypothetical time traveller: it is closely associated with the human perception of time passing. Impatience stretches time while patience condenses it. Harnessing these virtue-vices could be of use to anyone thinking of developing a basic time machine, the advantage being no mechanical parts are utilised.

I was introduced to the Grinchen Pear some decades ago, its tree a species now sadly extinct. In the…

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