I was bad for so long

I was bad for so long




I was bad for so long

My mother and boss never approved of me

I was bad for so long

I asked for what was rightfully mine

which was refused in some cases

but at times, I got it coz I asked

I was bad for so long

I did what I liked

and enjoyed my life


Had I waited to make things happen

I would have been crowned for

being patient

waiting for things to happen

which were not likely to happen

cribbing, complaining about

why it did not happen


Reena’s Exploration Challenge

6 thoughts on “I was bad for so long

  1. You did well, going with what was best for you, determination, rather than being passive, to me this would not be patience. Patient with yourself enough to believe in you despite what all others were saying. That is patience in yourself.

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