No race against time

Voice 1
I did all that I wanted to do in life – learnt a new language and to play the guitar, at the wonderfully young age of 64. It is not done to earn a living, or to score brownie points in school. Of course, I’m not averse to displaying my skills at the local club meet, and making young people envious of my talent. I do what I enjoy doing.

Voice 2
I like to dress sharp – couldn’t afford designer stuff in the earlier years. I run a successful business now, and my children have flown the nest. I invest time and money in looking natty, and putting out my ‘designer best’ forward. Who says I’m too old to look beautiful?

Voice 3
I am a prodigy, and have two startups running at the age of 14. There are many who say I missed out on the joys of childhood. But what are those? I find video games silly, and sports has never been my strength. I do what I enjoy doing.

Voice 4
I am single, and like being so. I enjoy the occasional ‘friendhip with benefits’, but can’t commit to more than that. I don’t think age is running out, as I have not set up time and relationship goals.

Time and stages of life are artificial constructs imposed on us, to do things at a specified time in life. Yes, the human body does age, growing children have their own needs, companies will ask us to retire at a specified age or before, the market conditions will change – but hey, is life always an emergency for which I need to plan?

Life is a gift to make the most of my existence on this planet, and I will do all that I can to enrich it – irrespective of social expectations. I am a member of groups around me, but I do not cease being an individual for that.

There is no race against time, and death is not a blind end. I will live again. I am energy. I am soul. I am goodness to enrich the planet  – this one or that, it doesn’t really matter.


Tale Weaver #191


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