Pieces of rEAlitY

“You are gifted. You are one of the best talents in writing, acting and directing that we have today. Why did you never think of doing it all for a single film? It could be a kind of signature flick for you.”

The interviewer looked at her like a smitten fan in all earnestness.

“I like to pick up different pieces from everywhere, and recreate a new reality. It works out better when the pieces originate from different places. I’m very limited in my existence and imagination.”

“Really, do you see yourself as limited?”

“My reality is limited. The fables I can build around it are not. I’m a creative artist, because I don’t like being myself. I need those inputs from other perspectives too.”


Sunday Writing Prompt

4 thoughts on “Pieces of rEAlitY

  1. That’s such a fascinating concept the one of being limited…..we tend to think this way but our limits are tested every day in the workplace for example….I think one person’s limits can be another’s opportunity to explore what they didn’t think they might explore. Then again in some ways, a sheer lack of talent in a particular area can be a real source of one’s limitations.

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      1. That’s true but I wonder if many of us have the creative capacity to work otherwise. I know some years ago now, that when I wrote a musical for the students I was teaching, I did have a collaborator who proved a valuable ally as wrote and created the scenes I was working on. Nowadays I write alone, mainly for me, as I get my head around some concept/idea I want to explore. This was a good prompt to explore.

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