Reena’s Exploration Challenge-56

Welcome to yet another week of keeping up to a challenge! It is a test of resilience for both host and partcipants, for sure, and we have made it pretty well so far.


We have been writing about the heroic, lofty ideas, rising up to the challenge, brave stories of survival. Today, I invite you to flip it, and think from the other side.


What does that person or thing feel at that stage? Set aside all the probability theories that onlookers engage in. Think from the perspective of that person/object in process. There are no lofty ideals or expectations left to live up to. It could be the end, or it could be a broken existence after that. What will that person want to do? Strive to survive, or give up?

As usual, there are no restrictions on the format or length of the piece. Express yourself in any manner that you think feasible.

Write a blog on your site, and post the link in the Comments section below. Or create a pingback, but check once if it has worked.

I look forward to a intense week.


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