Way of Life

“He has lost his way home. But trust a dog’s sense of smell. He will eventually reach his destination.”

Somebody clicked a picture of him and posted it on social media, asking the owners to come and take their pet home.

Home – is where he did not want to go, despite all his love and loyalty. The baby he was taking care of is lost in the floods. And he has to find her before going home. It is a matter of trust and responsibility, a matter of life and death.

He has never known any other way of existence.


Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner #Week 38

7 thoughts on “Way of Life

  1. Oh, this one is a tear-jerker. Our 4-legged friends are so loyal. Well done, Reena.

    My eye surgery is done and I am back home. 😎 My right eye is very blurry but should clear up in a couple of days. Everything already appears brighter.

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