It was their last meeting.

“Don’t try to contact me, or follow me on the internet. If we are to lead separate lives, we might as well learn to live without each other.”

“I am sorry, Jenna! I truly care, but we are not meant to be together.”

Five years later, they find themselves together on the same platform, espousing the same cause.

He is defending gay rights in a country where homosexuality is a crime. She is defending his right to be what he is – the only man she ever loved, but could not marry because of different sexualities.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

17 thoughts on “Beyond

    1. Thanks! There was a stage I thought I cannot write fiction, being so much of a realist. Then, i decided to learn it, as story telling was needed in the non-fiction book I planned to write, and stop after writing 100. I haven’t.

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