2+2 could be less than 4

There is no truth greater than fiction, and there is no fiction greater than the statistics thrown at you every day.

Face reality – whatever service you provide, you are a product. For whatever you want in life – tangible or intangible, you are a target client for someone.

Are you trying to sell something? There are hordes out there offering to teach you how to sell – social media marketing, personal branding, networking – all for a grand fee with no guaranteed results. We pay strangers to tell our stories. We pay for the reach that another platform has. We pay for the data somebody else has. And guess what, we are part of the data.

We are all in the business of selling hope. My biggest fear is not 2+2 becoming 5, but all the numbers put together cancelling out each other to become zero or negative.


Sunday Writing Prompt

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