The Sun denied ever moving away from the earth. Earth admitted to its own movement, but said it had no control. This is how it was structured and meant to be. And it always comes back to the same point, to prove its fidelity.


opens up new worlds, to close

doors on some others

Unfortunate, isn’t it? The people shut out by closed doors invent artificial light, but life on support is limited. The absence of the Sun would perhaps destroy life, or redefine it.

calendars and clocks

built around its light

hydrogen burns

I understand that the Sun has no boundaries. It is only the density that increases as you get closer. I learn to redefine parameters of my existence.

living in fear

audacity of clouds

just amazes me


Saturday Mix at MLMM – Opposing forces

Our words this week are:

– admit and deny

– presence and absence

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