Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 53

Hi, folks

Week 53 promises to be different, as I turn the tables on you.

This might seem to be a little more complex, but fun. And the number of words that you have to churn out is less. But who am I to decide that? You can choose to churn out a longer piece. The prompt cam be longer than the response.

Yes, that is what I intend to do. Given below is a piece of fiction. Write a prompt or post a picture which could have been the inspiration for this piece.

I am a special mirror. People move through it, leaving reflections of their psyche.

The inventor who created me committed an error. The images that pass through me remain locked there, even after the person has moved away. These images speak to each other, interact and create a lot of turmoil inside me. Their inter-related states are known only to me.

Look there …

Mandakini, Rukmini and Renuka are walking together in the garden. They do not belong to the same era or same geography. But they have come together. They know that they are not rivals or opponents. They are just reflections of each other, as they moved over to higher stages of evolution. The core is the same, an independent entity demanding recognition. Their existence is not relative to any other human being or object. They are not owned by the will of another. They do not live as the ‘honor’ of another man – be it a father, brother, husband, son, ruler or God. They are not ‘tainted’ by the choices they make. They just achieve a state of self-actualization.

You may write a post on your blog, and post the link in the Comments. Or you could choose to create a pingback to this post. Or you could write a prompt in the comments section on this post.

Have fun!


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20 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 53

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          1. believe me, abhi kitne word google karna padege, meaning , synonyms check karna padega, par grammarly,aur kai app ki madad lenei padegi. But I’m enjoying. I have come a long way in 7 years. sabke liye saral nahi hota bachche, hahaha

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