Not too sure

There is a stranger on the door, early in the morning.

It looks like he needs help, but his appearance is disturbing. We have heard umpteen blood-curdling stories about people on the other side of the border. It is said that citizens or soldiers who cross the border line have never returned alive.

My Mom was reading out stories of ghosts being seen, after mass deaths in the floods that hit the state. We said we donโ€™ believe it. Someone was spreading rumors with malicious intentions.

Malicious? This guy looked helpless, but his face resembled those people across the border.

At this moment, we are not too sure if we would prefer to entertain an enemy soldier or ghost.



15 thoughts on “Not too sure

  1. Neither opponent sounds good to me. I would go back to sleep, he may move on. If not it is their destiny to deal with fate. Great writing Reena

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