Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 52

I stopped in my tracks, on seeing this very intriguing picture. I’m sharing it will all of you as a prompt for this week.

challenge 52

It raised a lot of metaphysical questions. I wonder if there could be a light-hearted response to this, such as

As long as Later does not arrive….. And if Later is late, Now gets an extension, and escapes being pushed over the ledge, like it happened to Then. It is a path of no return. But one never knows what really happened in that valley. People just superimpose their own stories on Then.

But again, is this really light humor? I leave it open to you.

As usual, create whatever you can – a story, poem, anecdote, memory, picture …. Yes, a good picture that illustrates the point is also welcome.

Write a post on your blog, create a pingback or post the link in the Comments section of this post. Do stop to read and comment on another’s perspectives. It broadens the mental world.



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