I have never seen fairies or those stubby creatures accompanying them called elves. Maybe, elves were fabricated to help kids identify with someone of their own size. But, fairyland was a promise of happiness after the initial conflict with a monster.  I learnt about juxtaposition, conflicts and battles.

pots of gold

at the end of the rainbow

 made dancing in the rain worthwhile

Everything was beautiful, big and colourful – but magic could also reduce people to pygmies, or allow them to grow to monstrous proportions. I learnt about relativity.

do fairies forget

reasons why they existed

to assume new shapes?

The fairyland I imagine today is an existence in perfect balance with nature, where there is no poverty or inequality and everybody has an opportunity to excel at what they like doing. There is no conflict between the need to earn money, and the inner need to do what you like doing.

beliefs transcend into questions

life is all about finding answers

solutions lie beyond


Tale Weaver #186



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