Who takes notice of roots spreading beneath ground level helping each other, other than the trees or plants they support. We call those tiny ones weeds, but who created them to feed off the biggies?

Who manages the rains? It creates havoc if it exceeds or falls below expectations. It holds many steamy secrets in its fluffiness, and conspires with the sky and winds. It challenges fire to hold its own. It challenges Earth to hold moisture within acceptable levels.

And we are helpless in our illiteracy. It is a language we never learnt, but continue to challenge it in our human bravado. We think we are supreme, the most intelligent species on the planet. But what lies beyond the planet? Where are we in the whole scheme of things?

Tiny specks who dream of conquering the Universe – Three cheers to the human race!


in perceived complexity

nature challenges


(150 words)

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