Agony of being Me

“Well… you are different” is an oft-repeated phrase I have heard since childhood. I did not bother about the truth in the statement. But I did think what was ‘different’ that was visible to them, but not me.

And what did I read in those statements?

Ridicule                    I do not belong. And all those who do not belong are outcasts.

Fear                            I can see whatever they try hard to conceal.

Discomfort              they don’t know how to deal with a ‘different’ person.

Threat                        We will destroy you if you don’t fall in line.

All said and done, life has never been easy. But where does it all come from? Why do I find myself incapable of seeing things the way others see?

If it is genetics, it must have been someone a few generations behind. If it is a carry-over from past lives, there is no fool proof method to verify it. Behavior scientists can only impose a façade, an artificial persona, not a change at the core.

All I know is that it is inbuilt, not imbibed from education or environment. I am not a student of psychology or occult sciences. But I sense a fake without any effort. I cut through words and expressions to reach the core of a person’s intentions and actions.

expressions belie

interpersonal assumptions

battles continue

agony of being me

cuts through potential bonds


Sunday Writing Prompt at MLMM


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