Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 50

Welcome to Week 50!

I hadn’t expected the Exploration Challenge to last for 50 weeks. But, as the interactions get more interesting, I plan to continue it for some more time.

We celebrated the Indian Independence Day 2 days ago, and the subject of freedom has been widely discussed and debated here.

This week’s challenge is a complex sentence in the backdrop of Maya Angelou’s statement. I expect a simplification – in the form of a story, poem, anecdote, memory, picture …. Yes, a good picture that illustrates the point is also welcome.


freedom 50



Lady Lee at

Jim Adams at

Eugenia at

Michael at

Reena Saxena at

Bladud Fleas at

hecblogger (Amit Agrawal) at

English translation posted as a comment on his blog.

Indira at

Christine Bolton at




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