Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 50

Freedom is priceless……



When my marriage ended, it was not a pretty sight.

My wife never saw it coming. She thought she had me so trapped there was nowhere for me to go. Marriage was not about bliss and joy it was about servitude and abuse. Which was my experience and I admire those who find it otherwise.

Leaving was not easy, there were children involved, and the financial side of it would in time cripple me.

But there were other factors, such as belonging and freedom.

I left to save both myself and my children. No one should live in an abusive relationship. The impact on my children was devastating, and it took many years to repair that damage as three of my kids were teenagers when all this happened.

They knew what was going on and understood why I had to leave but being young they also wanted a mum and…

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