Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 49

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 49

This week’s challenge: Your piece can be your piece – poem, story, anecdote, memory, quotation or anything else – whatever ghosts or monsters or gods it invokes inside you.

What is it that lives inside our bodies, and drives our actions? Is it a god, a monster or a ghost?

Challenge 49-Ghosts

Are we all part of superconsciousness which allows us to differentiate between right or wrong?

Why our actions show the opposite?

Why some people go out of the way, leave their comfortable life and serve downtrodden going to live with them most inhumane life?

Why some people do the henious, gruesome crimes in spite of knowing the punishment they will get?

Does every person is fifty-fifty percent, side by side, the demon and an angel and the one who is nurtured most empowers us?

Long sessions 

of meditations 

satsang( company of pious people seeking truth) 


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