Nursing a grudge

He reached late. Employees were supposed to log in by 9 am, and it was three minutes past nine.

“I’m sorry, Ma’m! There’s a huge traffic jam on the route I take.”

“Find a better excuse.”

All eyes are on him. The office has been agog with rumors, on why the new boss was so openly venomous against him – the star employee of the company.

“Come and see me in the cabin.” She hisses, as she moves away, “Indiscipline will be dealt with stern action.”

He makes another effort inside her office.

“You may check the traffic situation on Altamount Road. It’s bad.”

“Don’t you think you have been peddling this excuse for long? You are supposed to check traffic updates and leave early.”

When will she believe that he was really stuck in a traffic jam on that fateful day, and she had to leave alone in the ferry? It was seven years ago, and both are happy with their respective partners today.

Then, WHY?


(166 words)

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