I fold a paper, spill ink and water on it, and fold it again. The pattern does not make sense. So, I take a gel pen and some pencils to embellish the pattern. My artistry looks good to me, and it is not half as complex as what this Rorschach fellow does. Maybe, he needs a psychoanalyst more than I do.

Making an effort to analyse others needs a certain degree of madness. The layperson is happy leading her own life. By the way, who invented the term ‘layperson’? The classes have a strong need to separate themselves from the so-called masses. 

Are they all trendsetters or leaders? And do the masses really want to be followers? Who invented grunge or distressed jeans? And how do you classify the chaotic mind of that person?

Symmetry is not always a given in life, I say. I prefer asymmetry so that I can add to the pattern, without feeling guilty about spoiling it. I am the one who has always obliterated outlines, painted beyond those and recreated the pattern with new outlines.

Asymmetry gives me my individuality. Take tyrannical tests away …. I am not subject to another’s judgement. Hail the individual….


Sunday Writing Prompt at MLMM

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