There are days when the white clouds look like flocks of birds, which will descend to destroy the flowers. Their menacing shapes symbolize evil, out to destroy happiness. I desperately want to spread a net on the flowers, or cover them with my body to protect.

There are days when I think that the sky reflects the blooms below, and will transform into a heavenly garden. I foresee the blooms growing taller to meet their counterparts up there, supported by the soil and greens below, and a murmuration of birds saluting the union.


reflect innermost struggles

I find myself


Thursday Photo Prompt #Writephoto

9 thoughts on “Mindset

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  3. This is really an amazing piece. I am loving your imagination here. Thank you so much for seeing, writing, and sharing this. I hope a lot of people will read it.

    I too love the notion of ground flowers meeting sky flowers to hold “hands.”

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