Sun Burns

She was tough. She was indefatigable. She was notorious. She was the boss of an outfit described as mercenary.

Yet, the courageous woman reporter of a TV channel showed the gumption to interview her.

What makes you tick?

I learnt early in life that fire needs ignition, fuel and oxygen to burn. There are plenty of igniters around who would love to destroy me. I learnt to control the other two. Quash the oxygen, and deactivate the fuel.

Would you like to elaborate?

Would you be able to take it? Finding fuel is difficult, because there is not much left in me to burn. I am not cowed down by your social norms or notions of honor. I have survived the worst of crises. The core that developed is hydrogen – very much inflammable, but it burns like the Sun – to empower and spread heat without oxygen. The helium I create has limited takers – only those who understand what I am made of.

Survival drives my existence. I can burn under water, or on space, though with varying intensities. You will need to rework your strategies to conquer.

Media headlines

She walks through fire, but is not burnt by it.


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 48

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