I’ve fought a lifelong battle with tact and diplomacy – which I am told one cannot survive without, in certain settings. It goes under the garb of etiquette, manners and emotional intelligence. I understand that things need to be put across in a manner others can relate to, without feeling devastated. I understand skimming over something I don’t like, if it does not affect my world.

But what if it does?

What I don’t understand is saying things that one does not mean, to mislead others. It violates the principles of emotional intelligence when the person discovers the truth. If it is done with ulterior motives, or short-term gains- less said the better.

What if it boomerangs on you?

Another species to be despised is the one that sits on a fence, to avoid commitment to either side. It shows a lack of respect for their own opinions, or the lack of courage to take a stand.

What if both the sides decide to toss out the fence-sitter?

The only way to resolve an issue is to bring it on the table, in as acceptable a manner as possible.

 beware of halos

inner lights shine through

and they could be dark


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 47

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