“Can junk inspire?” My artist husband smiled ruefully at seeing the new place we had shifted into.

“Yeah, sure … if there is a story you can weave around it. Connect it to somebody’s life. Customize it to suit the audience. Recycle it several times over, and it should feel new every time. Use all possible media channels….”

“That’s enough.” He sounded irritated.

The next week found me scanning through several social media posts of object pictures with different backgrounds, and an accompanying write-up.

I could not recognize those as the objects lying in my backyard. I had inspired someone.

(100 words)


Friday Fictioneers

22 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. I enjoyed the co
    Mental here after reading your nice realistic piece.
    Ahhh – if more pieces were written like this we might have less “quick trashing” it mentality.
    I seriously have to sometimes remind myself to recycle when i used to do it more naturally – so you get the star for the three R’s awareness

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  2. So often people ask for advice when what they really want is confirmation, validation and reassurance. Inspiration is the permission to follow your idea (often revealed to you by others) to its natural conclusion. Her delight at what he produced shows she gave him that.

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  3. I can imagine feeling the artist’s initial irritation, his wife’s exposition only adding to the frustration of finding junk in their new home. And then the gradually dawning realisation of how he could use it. I bet he didn’t credit her, either!

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