It was a boys’ night out, and they wanted to have some fun. They found a human body to play around with, to satisfy their carnal desires. The ambitious creatures used every trick in the trade to get what they want, and added a number to their manhood.

Maybe, they were fuelled by a desire for revenge, or wanted to exercise the only power they possessed over a much superior being. Maybe, they had a gnawing emptiness within to fill up, but nevertheless moved on in life with a false sense of adequacy.

It was only the victim that stood transformed forever, with scars on the psyche and her self-respect ripped apart.


Six Sentence Stories


23 thoughts on “Damaged

      1. Yes, it is possible. Not easy nor quick, but possible. I hope she eventually transforms from victim to survivor. She is not responsible for their behavior, and though their actions scarred her, they don’t have to permanently define her. You tackled a tough subject well.


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