how do you write…


And the award for the best author goes to…

The neon lights were flashing on me. The host asked me “how do you write? Where do you get the inspiration to write”?

To the world, it is a stone, a hideout, a headquarters of the naughty gang of our town but for me, it is my inspiration. There was no space left on the stone. Stories from the heart, stories of love and hate, names of the lovers, friends, and enemies, exam identity number and prize-winning lottery number, nicknames, vulgar and sexy words and many more.

We played tic tac toe on the stone. One of my friends carved the tic tac toe permanently so that we never had difficulty to draw the board game every time with the stolen chalk pieces from our classroom. There were heartwarming stories of dreamers and heart wrenching stories of unrequited love.

I watch…

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2 thoughts on “how do you write…

  1. I could instantly relate to the process of creativity illustrated here. The tic tac toe represents the various games and manipulative influences we grow up with, and take time to overcome.

    It was brilliant to include so many prompts. I couldn’t have done this. Hats off to you!


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