Complexity of Art

Michelangelo and his famous sculpture of David were the sculptor’s inspiration – “Just remove everything that is not David.”

He wanted to eliminate the impact of future environmental damage, but did not have the technical competence to do it. Acid rain, insect poop, burning of solid waste in the open, underground construction would all impact the life of the structure. The magnificence would certainly outlive its creator, but may not outlive environmental policies, commercial interests and social indifference.

Could the artist have chosen a different material, and placed it inside a museum? Did working on rocks out in the wilderness, devalue the perfection of his craft? He did not ask for funding. He did not fetch a commercial price for his work. He just gave a vent to his inspiration, and assumed that he was leaving a monument to his existence. He did not know the future, so he did not bother about measuring up to unknown parameters.

I bow to the inscription at the bottom of the structure.

Art is a complex subject, as no two interpretations are the same. It changes lives, but no two lives are the same. What matters is the intent of the artist, not immortality.


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