You are like the breeze – always with me

not leaving footprints, but I can see

She sang on the recording device she always carried.

The guy watching her from a distance thought that the footprints visible were too big to be hers.  He looked around, but strangely, saw no other people or footprints on the sand, including that of his own feet. A feeling of discomfort enveloped him. Who is she?

Strollers in the morning found a device with a recorded song,

the sea would come for us

I always knew, stranger

and we would then

know each other

The last visitors to the beach on the previous night, recalled seeing two persons. It was a Full Moon night. Nets were cast far and wide for bodies washed away in high tide.

The waves had chosen to leave the device behind. It appeared to hold no value in their mission. The police found recorded voices, urgent whispers and muffled sounds, but no images captured.


Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner

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