Sunny hours

The joy of a better lifestyle and pay dwindles, when I see my wife’s morose face in the evening. She is taking time in adopting a new lifestyle, without the domestic help we were accustomed to in India, and uncomfortably low temperatures.

I try to cheer her up in the morning, “Sunrise looks beautiful , without the grey cover of pollution on our eyes.”

“The sun rises at a different time.

“Your body rhythm will get attuned in a few days.”

“But not my mental rhythm…  The people I love and interact with keep different hours.”


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22 thoughts on “Sunny hours

  1. Some people are better adapting to change. And there are some people who are never able to adapt completely. Sad for the husband that he cannot fully enjoy the new possibilities and potential in the new place while his wife is having difficulty getting used to such big changes. A challenge personally for the wife, a challenge surely for them as a couple.
    Good Six.

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  2. Having traveled a little, I can relate to the difficultly of settling into different time zones. We get so accustomed to what is “usual” for us, that change sometimes takes a while, both physically and mentally.
    Having to adopt to not having domestic help must be very difficult after having had it as the norm.
    Thought provoking SSS.

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  3. I’m with the others, to suggest (and thereby encouraging the Reader to consider) that missing people can be exacerbated by physical separation, above and beyond accounting for their absence. The people that are being missed (in your Six) are in a different time!
    Thought-provoking Six

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  4. Quite profound, the idea that the connections with the people you love are so strong, you feel unable to function by a different clock. There is a strong feeling of being cut off, when you live half a world away.

    I also love the idea that pollution is a grey cover over our eyes, like pulling up a blanket or a veil. I hope she soon finds her rhythm.

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