Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 45 – Climate Denial.



Climate change was happening despite all the naysayers and sceptics. The evidence was obvious down on the beachfront. Where once even at high tide there was a thin rim of sand along the waterfront to walk upon now the ocean lashed the shoreline and threatened to cascade over the man-made barrier.

Our political leader, who saw himself as a bit of a King Canute had made promises, based he proclaimed on irrefutable science, that the sea was not going to encroach on the city. He announced the unusually high tides as a freak of nature and within a few weeks the sea would retreat to its customary levels and life would return to normal.

His idiot predictions were just that, the ravings of a mentally deranged man pretending to hold power over nature.

The city went about fortifying the beachfront, huge concrete boulders were put in place to hold back…

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