Lessons in peace

Doves of Peace is an international organization with co-founders across the world. They are committed to fighting violence and war.

My journalistic instincts set me off on a discovery trail, and I found that some of them have never met offline. The common thread that bound them was an online kids’ club. They read the same books, watched the same videos, played with the same toys and indulged in the same activities.

One of the founders I interviewed said,

“You know what … the only gun I ever owned was a bubble gun, and it brought smiles on the faces I decided to target. A guy in school slapped me once, and my mom asked me – I guess the offender has been hurt by someone today. Would you like to give the same pain to others? Would you like to spread unhappiness in the world, which will come back to you in some form? The words stayed with me ever since.”

And the lessons I learnt have stayed with me ever since.

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