Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 44 – The Sum of the Whole.



I’ve tried a few times to disconnect with life. To withdraw into my own bubble and let everything go.

The whole blogging thing gets out of control at times.

If it wasn’t that I liked writing so much I may well have given it up ages ago.

I’m not sure how bloggers who use their blogs to promote their writing/novels/anthologies deal with it. You can’t guarantee that on any day you’ll attract any readers.

You learn early on that what you think is of merit is most probably all in your head as no one else sees it as you do.

I recently entered a writing competition knowing I wouldn’t win it but hoping I might make the anthology. I did neither.

It was disappointing but in keeping with my understanding that in life there is always someone better than you, though in the above case 110 better than me.

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