Karma Coins

I have grown up with quotes from the Bhagvad Gita, but the Karma theory has always baffled me.

I understand and I would welcome it, if the rewards and retributions came in the same lifetime. Hinduism talks of reincarnations, multiple lives and a Karma bank, which can propel or pull one down.

My query is simple:

A particular person does something to harm me, and there is a high degree of animosity. How do I know that this was retribution of my past Karma, or the generation of bad Karma by my adversary? Why should I not pay them back in the same coin, rather than wait for divine justice?

The loss of memory between lifetimes (if one believes in that) is the cause of all mayhem in the world. The Creator’s logic is not known.


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9 thoughts on “Karma Coins

  1. I will try to answer:
    When you are born in the womb, you are covered with layers and layers of fluids. That is necessary for your development. An egg shell, needs to be broken finally, but very essential for a chick to grow. So, the layer of ignorance/past life memory loss is a necessary shell that protects and nurtures you.
    If you were given the memory of past life, how can you handle the plethora of relations that you experience in a spur of a moment? Unless you train your mind to be stable in all situations, you can not fathom the simultaneity of TIME (which then reveals all lives on one thread)

    Now, as to karma bank etc., I tried to explain the same in my blog article (karma and astrology) and (Karma theory unveiled). I hope those articles would hint you to think in different way for your main question.

    Also, have you ever thought why gravity pulls and friction causes heat? Or why we breath? You accepted it as Laws. Same is karma theory. It’s futile to qtn why God created such rules, because in this world from physics professor to a levitating Saint, no one can answer to the question “WHY”. Its the HOW that matters and our goal is to search for a smooth path of equilibrium utilizing the knowledge of HOW

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