Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 44

Welcome to Week 44!


challenge 44

The format can be a a story/poem/rant/anecdotes/journalistic coverage of events/ reflections as usual.

Pour out, and let it flow ….


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14 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 44

    1. Dampness in the air speaks of tears somewhere

      some could never smile, amidst palatial opulence
      poverty sheds tears of joy, eating leftovers somewhere

      sweating it out all day could not yield a single meal
      someone cries all night with a hungry child somewhere

      no seeds ever sown, but healthy trees uprooted
      global warming brings tears of discomfort somewhere

      female foetuses denied life, all to have a male child
      a daughter’s love brings tears to a parent’s eye somewhere

      unseeded clouds fly, rivulets dry
      an ocean cries, awaiting inputs somewhere

      sin escapes being counted, arithmetic evaporates
      a devil’s laughter interspersed with pain somewhere

      I found reasons to sing and dance every day
      averting eyes to wash away unseen tears somewhere

      Dampness in the air speaks of tears somewhere



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